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Friday, January 13, 2006

I've moved.

Decided it was time to blow this popsicle stand.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Back from the edge of time

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a really hard time taking criticism. I get really defensive, nervous, and generally act like a cornered animal. This is not a good thing. I also have problems with moderation: if someone tells me I don't do X enough, I tend to start pressing and doing X too often. If I'm doing Y too often, I overcorrect and stop doing Y. I struggle constantly to find that balance. I am a constant work in progress, though it often appears that more paint is being removed than added. I'm very slowly learning my bounds, and learning to stretch myself like a rubberband.

Speaking of stretching myself, I went running for the second time in 4 days last night. The knee seems to be holding up well. In fact, I was more concerned about slipping on the ice than anything else.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I want to get me a little oblivion

There are few places in Boston that, should I leave, I will miss dearly. Last night I ate at one of those places.

There's a restaurant/bar near where I live called River Gods. Living alone and often eating alone it took me quite a while to get my courage up to actually go in and eat. The first time, Tweedlegirl and I went in and were seated next to the suit of armor and miniature organ. The food, as I've come to learn, was incredible. The drink, also good. The decor was/is just my taste (or lack thereof). For halloween, they hung Barbies dressed in leather from the ceiling. For Christmas, they've put up an incredible display of angels. And there's the witch and stained glass and faces of gods. All in all, it's a cool place. A place where I could see myself becoming a regular.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A note for TS1

Before she left, TS1 leaned over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said something to the effect of how good a kid I was. She's the best. I wish I had something to give her or say to her in return, but all I have for her is to say that she's the best and I want all the good things in the world for her.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tweedlemom's Rockin' New Year's Eve

Start of the evening. I'm in my green shirt from 1988 or something. Note the gin and tonic, and holiday beard.
I'm one hairy dude

11:08 PM -- So, I'm at home with my allergies and my parents. We're having fun. We're playing gin, drinking gin, having tonic water spray all over the kitchen. and watching football. Michael Strahan is pretty pissed caused he got poked in the eye (tweedlemom read his lips: "Fuck this. Fuck these guys."). So far, they've mentioned Tiki Barber's 95 yard touchdown run 14 times. We'll have some pictures later (at least a picture of me in my mountain man beard). Back to the fun! I've changed into my #6 jersey (also probably circa 1988). That's how clever I am. A #6 for 2006!
One of my favorite all time shirts

11:34 -- TM's RNYE party has fizzled. The game got boring. TD's falling asleep from time to time.

11:37 -- Last decision of 2005. Do we watch M*A*S*H or Dick Clark?

12:05 -- Mariah Carey looks like a giant ho. CNN asks for us to send in our party pictures. TM doesn't think they can handle them. TD brought in some popcorn to try and liven up the party, but it just wasn't happening.

Cast your woes on Jesus

There's a commercial on in Jacksonville for one of the 250,000 churches (that's a ration of 4 people per church, so they have to try and attract congregants). Anyhow, in the commercial it has a bunch of people walking around burdened by trash bags with words like "Depression" and "Finances" and "Addiction" written on them. Then the pastor or whatever is like, "Accept Jesus and place your burdens on him!" It's really brilliant. When the collection agencies come and ask for my credit card debt, I'll tell them that Jesus accepted my burden, so I really can't be bothered. Awesome.

Also in Jacksonville news, we were watching the local news (which is as awful as other local newscasts), when they reported this story: Man Shot in Head Drives Himself to Hospital, Girlfriend Kills Self. At the end of the stock footage, the reported goes "Hmmmmmm" (almost a laugh) really loudly. Rather unprofessional, but hilarious at the same time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goin' crazy

When I was in elementary school, I was worried that people would try to abduct me walking home from the bus stop. This was only the start of my neuroses. I worried about the fact that the sun would die in 5 billion years (what would happen to all the people, all the people in the graves, all the plant life?!). I was worried, after seeing Tremors, that giant worms would come through the floor and eat me (I woke up the next morning, called for TS1, and had her talk me off the ledge). After reading Jurassic Park, I was sure that dinosaurs lived in my closet.

But now, it's gotten worse. I worry that when a cars headlights disappear behind me, I've caused an accident. I create these wild scenarios in my head that keep me up, upset my stomach, and generally drive me up the wall. In short, I no longer trust my own memory.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Get Right to the Heart of Matters

My best friend from high school and his girlfriend got engaged last week. Congratulations to the both of them (who've never, I think, read this blog). It was done in a fashion that was, well, rather expected from the two of them (that's not a bad thing). I'll be going out to dinner with the two of them tomorrow night, so I guess it'll be a pretty interesting dinner. I get to see them about once or twice a year (she actually lives nearby but is very busy), and he's at law school, so I'm sure the dinner will be extra special.

Monday, December 26, 2005

It's the most brutal time of the year.

They (being my sister) say that this time of the year is the hardest for many people. I've decided to try and write a poem.

A Brutal Winter

A three month stretch
of painful agony
a twisting knife
of love lost long ago

The presents ungiven,
unwrapped, uncherished.
Long forgotten ideas that
would have given smiles
now are only simple reminders
of the miles your body has travelled.

You see yourself in the man
on the street corner huddled in his blankets
Begging for change, as though,
As though it would change his world,
give him peace, give him prosperity.
Perhaps it would, but we shudder to believe
That could be me.

Cupids arrow split your heart in two
You went back for more
Now it lies shattered,
broken, a subtle reminder
that Love giveth, and Love taketh away.

Clocks count backwards
We remember what was
as we make oft-empty promises
of what will be.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My faulty memory

My memory for places is much better than my memory for faces. I can remember the old houses nearly perfectly, even the rooms we rarely ventured into. Shortly before we moved, we remodeled the kitchen and expanded the master bathroom. Now, normally this would require eating out every night, but not in this house. This house had a reserve kitchen. A reserve kitchen complete with stove, oven, and fridge. We moved the old kitchen table adjacent to this reserve kitchen, and ate our meals there. I still have an affinity for cereal out of paper/cardboard bowls. Things outside of the meals were pretty stressful with some long-distance commuting by my father, but for some reason, eating out of paper bowls and paper plates with plastic forks and knives made for a good time. And yet, I am sure this is not how it was. I am sure there was tension. I am sure there were fights. But please, leave me my happy memories. I have forgotten all the ills.

I can give that house a pretty good description, at least pre-remodeling. The other houses as well. I can even remember whole rooms, and how the related to each other. When it comes to faces, however, I can only remember bits and pieces at a time. I remember the cheeks, the eyes, the lips and nose all as separate entities. If I try to remember the whole face and how all these pieces relate, it dissolves away.