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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I want to get me a little oblivion

There are few places in Boston that, should I leave, I will miss dearly. Last night I ate at one of those places.

There's a restaurant/bar near where I live called River Gods. Living alone and often eating alone it took me quite a while to get my courage up to actually go in and eat. The first time, Tweedlegirl and I went in and were seated next to the suit of armor and miniature organ. The food, as I've come to learn, was incredible. The drink, also good. The decor was/is just my taste (or lack thereof). For halloween, they hung Barbies dressed in leather from the ceiling. For Christmas, they've put up an incredible display of angels. And there's the witch and stained glass and faces of gods. All in all, it's a cool place. A place where I could see myself becoming a regular.