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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cast your woes on Jesus

There's a commercial on in Jacksonville for one of the 250,000 churches (that's a ration of 4 people per church, so they have to try and attract congregants). Anyhow, in the commercial it has a bunch of people walking around burdened by trash bags with words like "Depression" and "Finances" and "Addiction" written on them. Then the pastor or whatever is like, "Accept Jesus and place your burdens on him!" It's really brilliant. When the collection agencies come and ask for my credit card debt, I'll tell them that Jesus accepted my burden, so I really can't be bothered. Awesome.

Also in Jacksonville news, we were watching the local news (which is as awful as other local newscasts), when they reported this story: Man Shot in Head Drives Himself to Hospital, Girlfriend Kills Self. At the end of the stock footage, the reported goes "Hmmmmmm" (almost a laugh) really loudly. Rather unprofessional, but hilarious at the same time.