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Friday, November 11, 2005

Through myself and back again

My buddy recently parted ways with his girlfriend. On a road trip this weekend, he asked his friends what their song for the past year would be.

Recapping the past year: I finally got a job (only half a year after graduation!). Thereafter, I proceeded to put 20K miles on my car, almost half of them visiting Tweedlegirl. Continued dating Tweedlegirl. Went to the Super Bowl. Realized that SI Swimsuit models will, in fact, make your jaw drop and drool come out the side of your mouth (ask TS1, she was the one who told me to close my mouth). Passed out in ankle deep water. Almost broke my nose.

So what's my song? I mean, so many good things have happened to me. Ashes of American Flags by Wilco. I think 90% of the drives I took to see Tweedlegirl, I listened to this song. Something about it just sticks with me.

If my song had to reflect how I felt about the year... probably Recently by Dave Matthews Band. It actually fits pretty well.

Asking if you love me, I love the way you make it sound

It's been a crazy week, work wise. That's my excuse.

Some random thoughts:
The current GOP is the Shaggy of American politics. Caught me leaking CIA names? Wasn't me. Caught me laundering corporate money? Wasn't me. Caught me insider trading? Wasn't me. Fitzy came in and he caught me red handed, talking with a reporter. Picture this we were leaking information, trying to start a war. Oh why oh why did we give Fitz authority. All the time he was investigating he never took his eyes off Rove.

I'm seeing the Tweedlegirl for the first time in a month tonight. We're not broken up. Not at all. More that our schedules were really out of sync. Hopefully, it will be the type of relaxing weekend we both need. Homecoming is this weekend, so maybe we'll have a little to drink.

The last time I went drinking, I ended up face first on a slate tile floor. I will now have to stick to white collar crime, as I have a rather distinguishing mark on my nose (a half moon scar). Nothing was broken though.

I almost finished the Thursday NYT crossword puzzle. Almost, but not quite.

Went home last weekend. Spent some time with the parents, and the friend who was the cause of my white collar career (see above). My friend loves my mom. I love my mom. Everyone loves my mom. She kicks ass. My dad's pretty cool too. Happy birthday Dad! In the airport going home, I mentioned to said friend said something was really close. I said "What is this? Horseshoes and hand grenades?" At that point, I smacked my forehead, and was sure I'd be taken aside for questioning, Gaylord Focker style. But it didn't happen.

I'm glad that Bitch and Ogged got back together. It's all cute and stuff.

If you're sleeping are you dreaming, if you're dreaming are you dreaming of me?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Triple Toe Loop

Oksana Bauil is on Celebrity Poker. She's all laughing and stuff. Am I the only one worried she might have fallen off the wagon, and might do something really crazy?