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Friday, July 15, 2005

Don't you dare put me on HRSA...

There are some things, as a fully developed 23 year old (mentally, and perhaps, physically, but probably not emotionally) that are unfathomable to me. For instance, pyschological disorders. These are things that, at least in the movies, are idealized. We read books, and we attempt to imagine what it is like. We hear a lecture about a disorder, and we say, "We can relate." In truth, we can't. Imagine necessarily needing to take drugs to function as a "normal" human being.

I remember hearing a rather famous person (whose name, at this time, I cannot recall) saying that we should not be giving ritalin to children with ADD because it may stifle their creativity. In theory, that's great, and I agree. But we cannot say don't give drugs to kids with ADD, because ADD is not like having pneumonia, or a cold. It is easier to imagine it as a snowstorm. Sometimes, a snowstorm is just a few flurries. Annoying or pretty depending on the time of year. But other times, the snow falls for days on end. Does this mean we should cancel school and close the roads no matter what? Of course not. We treat the problem on an individual basis, depending on the severity. I have often half-seriously said that I have ADD. Would I ever think of medicating myself? No, I merely think I need to keep myself more busy and stop allowing myself to get bored. But what if I swung on wild hey look a cat I like coffee but it makes my stomach the light is blinking! Could you really function as a human being if that was what everything was like? I cannot fathom it. To jump from thought to thought as though your mind were controlled by 50 million people each taking a turn to chose a sentence to think about... my life, and my thoughts, are somehow ordered, and I like that. I cannot imagine going to school and not being able to learn, even if I wanted to, because I could not focus my mind. I cannot fathom not being able to function normally. Can you?

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