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Monday, June 06, 2005

Filling in for Washer Dryer this week: Tweedledopey

WD usually does a good job berating Randy Cohen (the "ethicist"). I contend that these "question marks" denote that he is an ethicist of questionable correctness.

This weeks column deals with: receipts, kindness, and freebies.

With regards to receipts and "receipts":

I think Randy hits the nail pretty well here, but bends it all crooked like when he says:
The car-rental company is behaving reasonably -- indeed, generously. Why should it pay your total car expenses? Why not cover just what you spent in excess of a normal rental fee? You can't blame the company for wanting proof of your out-of-pocket expenses. Otherwise, people even more imaginative than you could claim that they had spent thousands of dollars hiring bearers to carry them around in sedan chairs. It would be a shame to undermine a company's trust by presenting it with fraudulent documents.

The rental company should pay for the total amount of the rental. Reason number one: the couple was told that a car was not available at the location at which the reservation was made. This could be construed as a great inconvenience. Reason number two: the couple no longer had a car at their immediate disposal. This could tend to through schedules off. If this were an airline, the couple would have received a free flight, and been put on the next flight. As the rental agency did not have a "next flight" available, the taxi was the next best thing, and instead of getting a free flight, the couple would get reimbursed for expenses accrued.

Ethical question #2 related the story of a man who broke of a relationship with a girl after she had bought an airline ticket to visit him. Randy says no one ever regrets being to kind in affairs of the heart. Um... Randy? I do. Not in this one. But in the past. In fact, I bet the ex-girlfriend in this case probably regrets being so kind to the guy (unless, in fact, there was a legitimate reason for breaking up with her, like her cheating on him). In that case, I bet the guy would regret paying for the ticket.

Ethical question #3. Freebies. Randy thinks you should ask the bartender if the owner says it's ok to give someone a drink on the house. Because, you know, it's your ass on the line if the owner gets mad at the bartender for doing so. So next time you are at the bank, and they offer you $1 million, make sure you ask the manager if it's ok before you shove the pistol back in your pants. Same goes for Mercedes dealerships, but not, apparently, for the delis.